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If you want an opportunity to join a diverse community which understands the value and importance of each team member, then becoming a memorymaker at Landmark Hospitality is a fit for you.

At Landmark Hospitality you will join a team of passionate individuals committed to delivering exceptional memorable experiences; a team where everyone is family. Landmark founders, Frank and Jeanne Cretella have been cited as visionaries for their commitment to giving back to the communities in which they do business and for creating an environment for their team which fosters growth, opportunity and benefits that no other hospitality company offers.

"At Landmark we are rooted in sincerity and strive to create bonds with our fellow memorymakers, guests and the communities we serve through engaged service, personalized celebrations, and a culture of food, music, art, design & experiences.

We are a true family business and are proud that our daughter is involved, we consider every team member as part of our family."
-- Frank and Jeanne Cretella


A Company With Values & Commitment to their Team

Frank and Jeanne Cretella, Landmark founders, built Landmark from the ground up with nothing more than hard work, dedication and surrounding themselves with talented individuals. They are adamant about giving back to the industry that gave them so much, and in this vein, they established groundbreaking programs that all team members enjoy as well as a forming a non for profit school "Art of Hospitality/Workers Alliance".

"We are a true family business and are proud that our daughter is involved, we consider every team member as part of our family."

Benefit Programs WE Offer to Hourly Team Members

* 401K with company match for everyone
* Health Insurance
* Paid Sick Time
* Paid Vacation Time
* Quarterly Bonus Program for hourly employees (non-tipped) which could amount to as much as $2.00 per hour for every hour worked each quarter
* 20% Discount to all Landmark restaurants and events
* Yearly holiday parties & on-going team building events throughout the year
* The ability to work in an environment which promotes and encourages rotating into different positions. We have found that this encourages creativity and allows individuals to experience new skill sets which will lead to advancement;
* FREE On-going training courses offered through Art of Hospitality and our newly formed partnership with Educate the Block
* Free Mental Health & Career Path Strategist available to our team members
* Paid participation for volunteering for HUG or non-profit causes of your choice.
* Direct communication with Landmark founders


Be Part of a Company Who Will Help You Reach Your Fullest Potential

At Landmark We Help You Achieve Your Goals through our in-house programs offered through Art of Hospitality/Workers Alliance & our Formal Partnership with Educate the Block.

Art of Hospitality is our hospitality school founded and funded by the Cretella’s in 2019, and is dedicated to helping our team members and anyone interested in joining the hospitality industry. We offer career paths, growth opportunities and propelling advancement. Additionally Art of Hospitality/Workers Alliance extends the following:

* Act as a safety net and provides financial support in times of need
* Provide in person classes in Hudson County and Union County as well as on line and virtual classes
* Provide a pathway to employment through Landmark and our partnership with the NJ Restaurant Assocation
* Offering partnerships with Hudson County Community College and Kean University to allow students to carry credits towards matriculation. Visit Art of Hospitality to learn more.

Educate the Block
Landmark is extremely proud of our partnership with Educate the Block, a private career school that trains adults and out of school youth students in the fields of Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Media Production, Graphic Design and much more. Located in Hudson County, Educate the Block is commited to uplift those in our community through:

* Holistic personal development & wellness classes
* Up to date industry skills training
* Creative Work based activities
* Focused job-search preparation and placement through company partnerships including opportunities with Landmark Hospitality
To learn more please visit

Be the next memorymaker

Landmark doesn’t offer jobs, we offer opportunities.

At Landmark we focus on an approach with our team which sets us apart from others:

• Our teams member work together to introduce and support newcomers to hospitality through our paid internship program
• We focus on advancement within the company
• We focus on training and education
• Focus on cross training and rotational positions
• We take an aggressive view on technology to enhance employees experience, make tasks less cumbersome, have the ability to communicate with fellow team members, take redundancy out of work so that our teams can focus on our guests and enriching themselves.
• We recognize that mental health issues can be prominent in our communities and offer free of charge consultation and consulting.
• We recognize those with disabilities and are committed at each of our restaurants to make opportunities available to these individuals

The time is now to be part of a company who you can believe in and will believe in YOU…

Be the next memorymaker